Five Owls Wedding Photography – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Beyond

Welcome to Five Owls!

If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, or Oxfordshire, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for an owl sanctuary, then you’re out of luck… Although I may be able to take a photo of a pigeon for you?

The Five Owls Wedding Photography Style

My ‘go to’ approach for creating jaw dropping wedding images is a little different from other photographers you may have met (I’ll leave that up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing!). Don’t worry, I’m not talking Jerry Uelsmann-esque surrealist stuff here, but more of a candid photography style that tells you your wedding story in pictures. If that’s not really what you had in mind, I’m pretty open to whatever style of wedding photography you want. If there’s a party, I’m in!

If you want professional photography in Buckinghamshire without all the fuss, then I think we’re going to get on pretty well. As a guy who’s most comfortable behind the camera, rather than in front of it, my discretion skills are second to none. You don’t even have to know I’m there. As long as I know what style of wedding pics you want, and where the plate of sandwiches is hiding, that’s all I need to get started.

Wedding Photography in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire

I’m something of a destination wedding photographer at times (any excuse for a bit of sun!) but some of my favourite wedding destinations are right here on my doorstep. As a local wedding photographer in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire, I’m pretty familiar with some of the most stunning wedding venues around. I like to think that I have some sort of sixth sense; I can tell you exactly which step on the staircase is the most photogenic. I really need to get a life, don’t I?

Wedding Photography Packages

The Five Owls standard wedding photography package includes everything you need to create unforgettable memories, with wedding portraits and candid wedding photography, right through from pre-wedding photos to party time. However, we can always customise your wedding photography package so that it’s a bit more ‘you’. Need an extra photographer? No problem, I know a guy. Want to don those massive neon green glasses and cowboy hat for a photobooth? We can make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, meet me for a coffee (it’s on me!), and let’s get planning!