Can we meet with you in person before the day?

Yes, of course! I think it’s always a good idea to meet your wedding photographer face to face. It gives us an opportunity to make sure we’re all on the same page (very important!) and properly discuss what type of wedding photography you’d like. Wedding photography is pretty broad these days, and there’s loads of different styles to choose from; you can opt for documentary or reportage wedding photography, you can have traditional, posed wedding pictures, or even something completely crazy. It always helps if I know what you expect of me on the day, so let’s meet. I might even buy you a coffee!

How do we book you?

There’s a £400 deposit required to book your wedding photographer (that’s me!) and I’ll need you to sign a wedding photography contract. Once that’s done, I’m all yours. This means that, as far as I’m concerned, that date is yours and yours alone; I won’t be running off to take a few sneaky pictures at a wedding venue in Oxfordshire while you’re waiting for me in Berkshire; I won’t be booking tickets to the new Star Wars film. It’s done. It’s cast iron. It’s set in stone. It’s written in blood… you get the idea!

What does “all day coverage” include?

An all day wedding photography package starts 2 hours before your ceremony. Most couples like me to take bridal preparation photos at this time; the wedding hair and makeup, the dress, the squealing bridesmaids, and so on. Then I pretty much follow where you lead, from the ceremony itself to the reception venue. I normally start packing my kit up about an hour after the first dance, but to be honest, the wilder your party, the longer I’ll stay (and I’ll make sure there’s plenty of evidence of Uncle Jim dancing!)

Can we have a second shooter?

You sure can! His name’s Nick, and like me he’s also a professional wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and the surrounding areas. Nick’s pretty useful; he means that I can basically be in two places at once (which is handy if you’re having your wedding at Stoke Place, or Grovefield House, or some other sprawling historic mansion – these places are massive!) You can add Nick to your wedding photography package for £395, and believe me, he’s worth every penny.

Will you visit our venue(s) before the day?

Yes! Whether you’re having your wedding ceremony at Kings Chapel, Old Amersham, or holding your wedding reception at Langshott Manor in Surrey, I’ll always aim to make a visit to your wedding venue to take a look at photo locations and check out the lighting situation. I do this for all wedding photography in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire, but if you’re whisking me off to be your destination wedding photographer in Hawaii, I might have to leave the planning until the last minute – sorry!

What geographical locations do you cover?

Primarily I’m a wedding photographer in Berkshire, but my wedding photography packages include free travel up to 30 miles from my base, which means I often find myself at beautiful wedding venues in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, too. If you’d like to me travel a little further afield, or if you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer, then I’m still your guy! We can discuss this when we meet.

Are you insured?

Absolutely – and if you see some of the pickles I get myself in to ensure my clients get amazing wedding pictures, you’ll understand why! I’m fully insured for public liability and indemnity, and I insure all of my wedding photography equipment, too, so there’s nothing to worry about. We’re covered.

What happens if your camera breaks down?

Don’t panic! Any good wedding photographer knows to always shoot with 2 cameras, and to carry a backup camera in case of emergencies. If all 3 break at once, then we’d be having a really unlucky day!

Do we need to feed you?

Yes please, wedding photographers get hungry too! There’s no need to order me the smoked venison or the Cornish lobster; a plate of nice sandwiches would do just fine Or a plate of bad sandwiches, I’m not fussy. In most cases, I’ll plan to take a quick break from taking wedding pictures while you’re all enjoying your meal. After all, no one really likes having a camera in their face when they’re trying to eat.

You say your style is a reportage/documentary wedding photographer, but will you still take some formal group shots?

This is your time. You’re in charge. You can tell me where to go and what to do (within reason, of course, I’ve got to draw the line somewhere!), or you can give me free reign to do my own thing. Your wish is my command. Many couples choose traditional wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, or a blend of both, but we can discuss exactly what you want when we meet. If you’re not sure, then I’m happy to offer a bit of advice. Personally, I like reportage wedding photography because it’s so natural, mixed with a few group shots. I don’t want you to feel like you need to spend your entire wedding day posing for photographs, when you could be enjoying these precious moments with all your guests.

What happens if it rains?

Then we get wet! Only kidding. I’ve been a Berkshire wedding photographer for long enough to know that I need a contingency plan, in case the British weather lives up to its reputation. If you’ve had your heart set on traditional, posed wedding photography, then we can still make this happen with a professional lighting rig, to make sure you all look as stunning inside as you would in natural light. Besides, a bit of rain on your wedding day is said to bring good luck, so don’t let the weather put a damper on your big day.

Aagh, I just woke up on my wedding day with a huge spot on my forehead. Should I call it all off?

Please don’t! Your other half might not be too happy if you cancel at the last minute. Being a wedding photographer isn’t just about knowing how to take great wedding photos; it’s also about knowing how to edit them, adjust them, and fix them to make sure couples just like you are completely satisfied. Zit? What zit? Fire extinguisher in the background? Where did that go? I don’t like to toot my own horn, but my photo editing skills are exceptional (toot toot!) Just don’t ask me to replace your new spouse’s head with Khaleesi or John Snow. I mean, I could probably do it, but that would be wrong…. right?

How long after the wedding can we see our photos?

In most cases I’ll have an online gallery of your wedding pictures set up around 2 weeks after the wedding. During peak wedding season, when lots of couples have booked me as their wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas, and I’m whizzing around like a madman, it may take me a little longer, but I promise I won’t make you wait any more than 4 weeks. I know you’re eager to see the images!

What can we do with our photos? Do we own the copyright?

As your wedding photographer, I’ll retain the copyright to your wedding images, but you’re free to use any of the wedding pictures taken by me, or by my second shooter Nick, however you like. Share them with friends and family on Facebook, email them, print them, frame them, make your own albums, have them turned into jigsaws, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, or anything. Go crazy! The only thing I ask you not to do is share your wedding images directly with your other wedding suppliers, or with wedding blogs, advertisers, etc. Instead, just point them in my direction and I’ll be happy to sort this out for you.

Legal bit for companies/suppliers: Fee for unauthorised commercial use of images starts at £90 per image per month. I’m a reasonable guy, so just contact me first and we can come to an agreement.