Islington Wedding Photographer – Emily & Pete

The Duggan Wedding: Emily & Pete

Emily & Pete asked me to be their London wedding photographer for their ceremony and reception in late November, and I was happy to oblige. Not only because it meant I had the opportunity to take pictures in some of the city’s best venues, but also because I’d been promised a wedding like I’d never seen before, complete with a Star Wars/Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy theme. How could I say no?

I spent the morning with the beautiful bridal party at the Holiday Inn, King’s Cross, in the throbbing heart of the metropolis. It was a tad chilly, being less than a week from December, but the sky was clear – and the views across the London skyline from here are incredible. You can see everything; the Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin…. everything!

The Force is Strong in Islington

The 1pm ceremony took place at the Church of St John the Evangelist in Islington, and it was here I was introduced to the wedding party in its entirety: 4 dashing ushers, 4 stunning bridesmaids, 3 cheeky little flower girls, 1 charming best man, and a partridge in a pear tree. OK, there was no partridge, but we did have some beautiful vows (recited off by heart!), Star Wars-engraved rings, and a vibrant confetti exit.

We managed to get some great family photos outside the church, but when the guests starting turning blue, we knew that was our cue to make our way to Finsbury Town Hall for the reception and celebrations. Emily & Pete aren’t a couple to do anything by halves, and they certainly didn’t let me down, hopping in the back of a pedal-powered rickshaw to travel the half mile between the two venues.

We started to take some photos inside the beautiful venue, but Emily & Pete had obviously called in a favour with the Sun Gods – and it would have been rude not to take advantage. We enjoyed a little walk around the area, taking in Spa Fields Park and Exmouth Market. Emily was even given some lovely wedding day advice in the form of some local graffiti: ‘No farting, belching, spitting. It’s so unladylike’.

Jed-I Do

The ceremony was absolutely stunning, but I was getting eager to see a bit more of this Star Wars theme I’d been promised. Well, I didn’t have to wait long! Emily & Pete’s shared passion came shining through at the reception, with a Lightsaber tunnel, the Star Wars theme tune, and even a little Ewok on top of the world’s most perfect cake. I might have shed a little tear or two when it was sliced into pieces.

One of my favourite shots of the entire day came just after dinner. While the guests were all too full of crème brûlée to refuse, I gathered everyone together for one massive group photo. Of course, I risked my life balancing atop a wobbly ladder propped up on the stage, but that’s what a good wedding photographer does; whatever it takes to create great memories. Just don’t tell my insurance company!